Ash Climbing is a Sheffield based company, we make a wooden portable hangboard and other training aids. Our handmade board can be used as a warm up board at the crag, and a training board at home or whilst travelling.

The Board

Please note, due to the ongoing Covid19 crisis our boards are currently made out of a high quality birch ply. This stuff is great to work with and provides a little extra grip on the internal holds whilst still maintaining comfort.

Our boards are made out of tulip, ash or sapele wood, we’ve found these woods give some of the best combinations of weight, grip, and durability. However, we have been known to supply boards out of oak, beech, cherry and more. If you want something specific let us know, and we’ll see what we can do.

The RRP of our board is £45, you can buy direct or see stockist list.

birchply fingerboard

Pocket Depths

Used in the standard mode the outer pockets are 15mm deep, and the centre pocket is 20mm deep.

When the fingerboard is flipped the outside pockets increase to 20mm deep.

How to use our board

You can use the board in a number of ways, hanging the whole board as a jug, two arm hang on the outer edges, or one arm hang in the centre.

hanging on  fingerboard with two hands in the small pockets
hanging from board with one hand in the centre
hanging from fingerboard with both hands over the top of the baord

How to buy

You can now buy directly from us, shipped within 3 days by Royal Mail 1st Class.


We are stocked by a number of outdoor and climbing shops. If you want your local climbing wall or shop to stock us, let us know and we’ll get in touch with them.

You can also pick up one of our boards at any of The Climbing Depot centres.